People all over the world spend an ample amount of time on social networks, scrolling through their feeds, checking out pictures, talking, sharing, liking and commenting on the content of their interest. The social media all alone acts as a source of entertainment, news, socialisation and even as a marketing platform for many small and big businesses. More than 54% of the people on these platforms use it as a place to check out new products and the latest fashion trends of their choice.


The involvement of social media platforms in people’s daily lives has turned it into an astonishing marketing platform. Social media marketing has come up as a crucial element of the modern marketing strategies and its capabilities are nearly limitless for startups and new companies. The potential of social media marketing must not be taken for granted by any business. Using the right social media management tools and strategies, brands can garner great recognition and attention.


Still doubtful about the potential social media marketing holds for your business? Below list of the advantages of social media marketing will answer all your doubts :


It can increase brand awareness : Social media is one of the most efficient and powerful digital marketing methods for companies of all sizes including startups. The active presence of a brand on social media platforms can help it reach a broader audience which might be interested in it’s products and services. Every engagement including likes, comments and shares, implies a larger set of audience interacting with your business. As people interact with your content, you will be climbing the steps of brand awareness while building a reputation of your brand.


Increases the inbound traffic : By not marketing your new business on social media, you limit your inbound traffic. If you incorporate social media management in your marketing strategies, you will be reaching a new network of people with every post you make, which in turn will significantly increase your inbound traffic and help you reach new prospects and customers.


Increased search engine rankings : Even though you will still be needing to optimize your website for increasing the search engine ranking, social media marketing is known to indirectly help with that. By incorporating the relevant keywords in your social media posts you can gain increased brand visibility on the search engines. Posting quality content will get genuine engagement from the social media community providing you back links that will help you increase your search engine rankings.


Helps you build a genuine relationship with your customers : The social media is a highly interactive platform and can help new businesses build intimate relationships with their customers. Your customers can easily voice their requests and grievances, which you as a brand can look over and sort out effectively. Such interactions with customers will help you build genuine relationships right from the start and would also be the social proof of quality and assurance. Genuine customers will become lead generators who will bring in new audiences to interact with your brand.


Very cost effective : Social media is the most cost effective marketing strategy, where any brand can start with zero investment. This makes it a perfect marketing methods for startups and new companies. Though the promotions require some charges, but they are minimal in comparison to the other marketing strategies. A business can easily create a small marketing budget each month and still gain immense exposure through this phenomenal marketing platform.


Your competitors are already interacting with customers through social media. If you are not interacting with your audience through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, you’re missing out on leads. Great marketing on social media can help you attract your dream customers and bring remarkable success to your new business.