With the number of social media users and average time spent on social media platforms per day rising to new levels, the significance of social media cannot be ignored especially in the marketing world. It is the way forward for many companies looking to thrive in the digital media ecosystem.


But what exactly is SMO? It’s a way to reach more potential customers and fuel the brand engagement by leveraging social media channels. Just as we optimize for search engines and aim to drive more website traffic, social media optimization focuses on growing the company’s online presence using social media.


According to studies and data, if your social media is optimized, you’re likely to perform better in search engines as well. Things like number of followers and level of engagement might be considered as ranking signals by Google. This is why most digital teams combine search engine optimization and social media optimization techniques to enhance overall online presence. Below are 5 important reasons why social media optimization is important for overall growth.


1.It helps grow the company’s online presence


Social media optimization can help you grow your digital presence through social media and establish brand authority. A strong social media optimization plan will not only help you connect with your target audience but also assist in branding, improving brand visibility and recall. Besides this, it can help drive more conversions. So utilize SMO to its fullest to develop a stronger social media presence.


2. It helps reach potential customers worldwide


As social media platforms help you spread the word about new products and services, optimizing your presence on these platforms can be greatly beneficial to help spread the organization’s message and enhance the company’s online presence. By leveraging social media sites, you can reach out to the desired audience and boost your brand awareness. The more you are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc the greater will be your visibility and the reach. Most importantly, all this can be achieved in the most cost-effective way due to which social media optimization is seeing heightened significance. 


3.It helps drive traffic to your website


Just as search engine optimization helps increase traffic by enhancing the visibility of a website, social media optimization helps generate web traffic by increasing awareness about the brand and company’s values on social media. Sharing links to your web page on your social media profiles is the most effective way to drive more traffic to your page and reach customers worldwide. Always try creating high quality and valuable content that will resonate with your audience so that they spend more time reading it and even share it with their networks. This will ultimately help drive more traffic to your company’s web pages.


4.It influences Search Engine Ranking


Both studies and data indicate that social media in your content strategy can help in improving the ranking on the search engines. Although it isn’t a direct ranking factor, search engines acquire data from social media channels such as Google+ and make it appear on the search results. The former head of Google’s web spam team also confirmed that Google used links from Facebook and Twitter as ranking signals. Thus SMO is being widely used by marketing teams to boost the SEO efforts. Brands can optimize social media posts by using the related search keywords in their captions.


5.It helps capture qualified leads


Although social media is particularly useful for branding and creating a buzz, it is also increasingly used for fostering sales leads. Tapping into the social media channels can help businesses generate greater ROI and that too at a minimum cost. Experienced social media companies use the best social media optimization strategies and tips that are likely to achieve better results through the funnel. Hence they can help transform the lead generation campaigns significantly. Since the start of social media marketing efforts, always focus on creating a sense of community for advocates and followers which can help boost the sales conversions.


Today social media marketing & management is one of the topmost methods used by businesses to reach consumers. If you consistently put up good and relevant content on social media, it can help increase your web presence and boost brand awareness. Besides this, quality backlinks can enhance your rankings in search engines but brands need to keep their content relevant as well as shareable. Following these measures properly can also help you generate more qualified leads and improve your sales numbers.