Having good website traffic is something every business needs but without conversions, traffic is nothing but a number. After applying all the techniques like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, one can achieve good traffic but the journey’s final destination is conversion. Below are some of the best and tested methods for a good conversion rate:

Keep your website simple

Your website should be simple, aggressive pop-ups and flashing content can drive users away. Another thing to keep in mind is to include breadcrumbs and easy navigation. You want to give the freedom to visitors to roam around the website and choose to their liking without any glitches.

Use action words

Make your product or offer compelling for the user. Use strong action words that drive action. One point to keep in mind here is to avoid gimmicks as your users are most probably tired of this. Present yourself as unique and with fresh ideas that are worth a try.

Calls to action

This can be the order page for a product or simply a form that collects user information or asks them to sign up for an email list. The key here is to make the calls to action prominent by linking it to certain pages of your website. Attractive and unique design is very important.

Communicate products and services clearly.

Be clear about the product and services that you are offering. Include necessary information in clear bullet points with all the specifications. Visitors are very sensitive towards coercive language and use of this may give them negative impression about the quality.

Visuals are must

Include image-based demonstrations of what you are trying, displaying how it works. Including visuals will make it easy to sell as people love visual representation.

Include testimonials, reviews and guarantee.

Use the trust factor and include user reviews, ratings and testimonials. You can also offer guarantee on the product or service to make the sale trustworthy. Get testimonials from industry experts, brands and influencers.

Easy processes to convert

If the final step says purchasing the product is complicated, most users will drop the idea then and there. Be it for placing order to signing up for email list, keep the process short and simple, requiring the least amount of information.
Balance your traffic against your conversion rate and get the best of both. Creating a strategy that ensures optimizing both is the ultimate way to create a successful brand. Be a part of our journey, get in touch by mail digitalmarketing@marketify.com.au or Just call us +61403224174 .