In today’s era, social media is crucial to the success of any company’s business growth. Incorporating social media into your company’s marketing strategy can help you establish brand credibility and facilitate your buyers’ process.

Social media cannot just help you communicate and resolve problems for your customers but your target customers can also reach out to your door while conducting research about your products and services. They can get to know details about your product or services without having to talk to a salesperson or step into a store. In fact, today a large number of consumers use social media to begin their purchasing process. This explains what potential social media holds in the future in the world of marketing. Here are a few reasons why your business should be present on social media.

1. Extend Your Brand

Social media is turning out to be the most influential tool for marketing and branding. It can help your business create a recognizable identity for your company, products and services. When potential customers become familiar with a business’ products and services and how they are different, they will start connecting with you in an optimal manner and form a long lasting and deep relationship which will help you extend your brand. Make sure to constantly use the right methods to form positive associations with your target audience and be consistent in your marketing campaigns and promote the same message. For example, ensuring you use the same colors and fonts in your images, graphics and videos for delivery for brand messaging. All we mean is to maintain brand consistency so that your target audience identifies you and engages with you on social media platforms.

2. Grow Your Follower Base

With more than 4 billion social media users and users spending more than 7 hours a day on social media channels, social media is a powerful way for businesses to reach prospects and build a loyal fan following. Your target customers are already on social media and interacting with their favorite brands. You should not miss the golden opportunity to join the social media bandwagon and speak directly to your customers and grow your company’s network. Amassing a large base of fans, followers, and connections will enable you to communicate directly with consumers who are interested in your products and services on a regular basis. They will constantly remain updated about your new product offerings, services, deals and offers, etc. Being consistent on social platforms can help you create devoted advocates and drive sales and leads.

3. Position yourself as thought leaders

Social media is an interactive platform that provides personal branding opportunities to businesses. Sharing high quality, relevant and useful content online on social media channels can help you craft a distinct brand personality that reflects your personal values and professional expertise. Given the excessive noise on social media today, it is important to conduct yourself in the right manner and go beyond traditional marketing tactics as they are no longer effective. It can help you establish authority in your niche and position yourself as experts in your respective field or in other words thought leaders.

Today modern consumers are increasingly turning to more genuine and authentic voices and brands with their own unique point of views and brand values. Social media gives you the chance to reach and engage the prospects with your thoughts and values. Hence its the best platform to build thought leadership.

4. Provide Customer Services in Real Time

If you are struggling to provide high quality and quicker customer services, you can count upon social media as your go to customer service tool. Whether your customer is asking a query about one of your products or services, or has a complaint about your business on social media, you can be readily available to prospects and customers and offer prompt support and real time support. When companies are able to show prospects how responsive they are and keep their existing customers satisfied, it helps businesses build relationships with customers. Social media is a place where you don’t just talk about yourself, but listen to your customers. And that’s what helps in building good relations with prospects. It is important the way these channels are managed and how you interact with your customers which will be a deciding factor on how strong a community you can build.

5. Drive traffic to your website

Reading social media posts, scrolling through social media feeds, and sharing great posts is a valuable part of the day for most online users. It is like their best therapy to take a break from routine life and keep the struggles and worries off their mind for some time. This is an opportunity when you can have eyes on your content, your website and gain traffic. If you have a website and want to take off from the ground and travel further through the internet space, all you need to do is share your website links along with your posts on social media. If customers leave comments about your services and ask queries, you can share more relevant, product specific links or FAQs to direct them to more relevant pages. This way you can form a bond with your customers, while creating a positive impact on your website traffic.

Social media can enhance all your SEO experience and make your website vastly more visible. To be spotted more often, share interesting and engaging content such as blogs, landing pages from your website to drive more shares which will further educate more users about your products and ultimately drive more traffic.

6. Increased sales and ROI

Crafting a good, strong social media strategy may require an investment, but it can give you a great ROI (return on investment) and hence social media must be considered for marketing and branding efforts without a second thought. A good social media strategy can help increase the overall exposure of your business, bring immense value to your organization and drive sales. In the end, of course, the goal is to convert the user into a customer/ lead. On social media you can get people talking about your brand. Here’s another thing you can do to further improve your sales. At the end of every month, measure your social media ROI which can help you build and refine your social media strategy. It can show you what’s working and what’s not and you can accordingly shift resources and apply tactics to be more effective.

7. Build strong customer relationships

Social media is a popular and interactive platform which allows us to connect with the target prospects in more than one way. Creating, distributing and sharing business content on social media is only a few clicks away which makes communicating with prospects and building relationships with your clients a lot easier when you are on social media. Social media is an integral part of millions of lives such that people engage in talks, participate, share posts and network with relevant groups and people for more than 7 hours a day. This increases your opportunity by manifold for communicating brand messaging to your audience. Reach and interact with your target customers on a deeper and more personal level and answer all their queries about product service, brand or organization and you can build deeper relationships with your clients while making them feel like they have a voice.

8. Influence Search Engine Ranking

Today a lot of companies and businesses emphasize social media marketing when crafting their SEO strategy. Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share across social platforms help grow awareness about your brand and increase brand visibility. When your content is shared very often by users throughout social media, it generates social signals (Metrics such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers). They indicate the authority of the profile and add up to the brand influence creating a positive impact on search engine optimization and SEO rank. More social signals indicate your posts are being liked by your target market and they find them relevant.

Cognitive SEO conducted a study and research to test the relation between SEO and social media rankings. They analyzed 23 million social media shares on selected platforms, and discovered an equivocal link between social shares and SEO. It can be said that the shares, likes, and comments your posts receive are vital signals which may be used by Google and other search engines to boost your rankings.