Today when online presence is inevitable for any business, the right tools to make your presence felt with the target group is all the more important. SEO being an inevitable tool on the list is undoubtedly one of the most important. Many businesses have paid extensively for SEO but lack a very important factor- deciding which SEO technique will be effective for your business and how to implement. Some of the most effective SEO techniques are mentioned below:

Work on your existing content

Keep updating your existing content for new information and avoid getting into content creation with the same keyword. This will simply lead to content cannibalization. Updating your existing content on regular basis gives your reader the latest information thereby reinstating their trust.

Fresh and Quality Content is the King

Google trusts websites that post regularly. Make sure to post fresh quality content that is a good read and you will see a hike in traffic. Google loves long content but the content has to be meaningful. You may also include hyperlinks to other pages with specific anchor texts in your website when you are going for longer content.

Keyword in Titles and Headings

The sooner the keyword comes in the content the better it is. Also, include keywords in titles and headings wherever applicable. Keywords need to be present in Meta descriptions as well. You can also try your hands on multiple keywords in one page to increase traffic and be at the top of every search.

Optimizing your website

Increasing your site speed is also essential. Get rid of unnecessary plugins and extensions. The same applies to other unnecessary elements on the website as well. A common glitch found in various websites are heavy slider plugins which easily be replaced with a static image and CTA Button. Before removing any of these, make sure to create a backup.

Optimize images

Reflect on the quality of images on your website. Images that are compact and good in quality is the perfect combination. Users download these images and that takes some space on their devices. Optimizing them will help in reducing the space taken and also will allow faster downloads.

Design your 404

404s are error messages that no website can avoid. Design a 404 page that is engaging and tells your visitor on what to do next. You can place some offers here or good deals also. Instead of giving your users just an error page, try making it interesting with unique designs and suggestions of what to search instead.

Secure social media profiles

Businesses need to be present on social media to get in touch with their audience. Make sure to secure your social media handle, the quicker you do it, better are the chances to get the desired name.

Focus on maps listing

Use Google My Business to list your website multiple times on Google. This will make it easy for your users to find you and give your business a credible value also. Make sure to fill out all details correctly and add attractive pictures of your offerings, team, and location.

Easy Navigation

Some techniques like website navigation improvement and breadcrumbs in every page are a must. These improve the user experience as they can easily find what they are looking for and navigate smoothly on your website. Breadcrumbs that create a pathway and smoothly take the user to the page with a bigger picture, items or services similar to his search are an effective way to increase traffic.

Track your website

Tracking is must to analyze traffic and spot issues in the website. Implement an effective tracking system that lets you know where users leave and help you to find out the organic traffic. Google Analytics is a good tool to monitor organic traffic.

There are numerous SEO techniques to promote website and increase traffic over for your business and gain great results. The key to drive result here is to identify which one suits for your businesses. Be a part of our journey, get in touch by mail or Just call us +61403224174 .