Any digital marketer can vouch for the fact that SEO Optimization is the proven method for getting your website the attention it deserves. It not only focuses on boosting the visibility in search engines, but also aims at mapping the experience of the customer when they visit the website. Intuitive details like the journey taken by the customer, time spent on the website, pages viewed, inbound and outbound links and more, can be easily derived through website analytics. This further helps implement the right SEO techniques for appropriate traffic and ranking. 


How to optimize your website for SEO and ranking 


To be at the top of the SERPs is no easy game and requires a well planned SEO campaign. Below are some of the evergreen and ever useful means to optimize your website for SEO and ranking. 


  • Content is the king


Engaging and relevant content makes your visitors dwell on the website for a longer time. It increases the visitor’s average time spent on the site increasing the chances of conversions. Although word count doesn’t rule SEO, at the same time Google loves content. It is advisable to have a good content repository with relevant keywords.


  • Optimize your site loading speed


Google pays special attention to the loading speed of your website’s pages for ranking. Users hate waiting for web pages to load and hence every extra second is too taxing for them. Caching plug-ins, optimizing image sizes, minimizing redirects are some of the ways to increase site loading speed.


  • Optimize every bit


“Optimization” means much more than choosing and using the right keywords. So optimize every bit of your website to get the best results. 


Some small and continuous efforts include:

  • Using header tags and catchy headlines
  • Incorporating rich and different types of multimedia
  • Enhancing readability using easy to understand content
  • Focusing on layout and formatting to keep up with the latest SEO trends
  • Creating keyword friendly page titles 


How to boost sales using SEO ?


In the digital world of today, being omnipresent is the only solution and since the website is the face of your business, you really need to invest in search optimization to gain relevant traffic and increase sales conversions. Here are some of the methods trusted by many digital market experts. 


Be keyword clever 


Ranging from single words to complex phrases, keywords are a crucial part of the equation that help increase relevant, organic search traffic. Without keywords, your audience might never be able to find your brand online and this is why keywords are more important than you ever imagined for driving organic search visibility. 

Let’s say, for instance, that your business sells handmade soaps. As a business, you would obviously want to see your website on the top pages of Google for the specific search keyword handmade soaps online. However, there are other popular and high volume keywords and phrases that customers use to locate products just like yours which you must take into account. You can use the best keyword tools to get an idea of the search volume for specific keywords and finalize your keyword choice. After finalizing the keywords relevant to your business model, start implementing them in your content, web pages, URLs, headings, image descriptions, metadata, page titles etc. When your website is more visible in search engines, you get more internet traffic that results in more sales. 


Create stellar content 


Keywords are the cornerstone of every SEO strategy but besides using the right keywords, include essential and relevant content that can convert prospects. If you are reaching out to audiences with something valuable and shareable, it can help facilitate a purchasing decision and increase sales. 


Be mobile ready


In today’s era where a majority of online users access your website from mobile devices, mobile optimization has become an essential need for businesses. If your website is optimized for different screen sizes and load times and follows a responsive design, it not only enhances user experience but benefits your SEO. As a fact, mobile websites that load faster and are mobile friendly generate more leads for businesses. 




Videos being highly engaging and entertaining are easy to digest and can convince people to buy. Explainer or introductory videos are known to introduce the client’s products effectively and in an engaging way. They not only give a real picture of your business but also boost your site’s SEO. Incorporate videos into your content to remain competitive and increase sales.