Setting up an ecommerce store with high quality product images and descriptions can be a great way to get started and generate awareness about your products and services. But merely setting up a store is not enough for getting sales for your ecommerce business. You should know some actionable tactics to drive traffic to your website and drive more sales. And while you finalize the marketing tactics, remember it is just not necessary to dump a lot of money into the campaigns. All you need is to think creatively and follow the path consistently to market your ecommerce store both on and off your website.

Below are some great tactics that can help you build awareness about your online store and ultimately increase online sales.


Build an email list


Creating a strong email marketing strategy to promote your online store can help you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized manner. Besides helping you increase sales at an affordable cost, email marketing gives your business the ability to build meaningful relationships. Build an email list to connect with existing customers, prospective customers, people interested in your product events and deals and offers etc and send customized email to all of them letting them know about your online store. If your target audience comprises more than just one segment of the population, use personalized emails to target different set audiences.


Connect and engage with your target audience on social media


Social media is one of the best places to notify your existing customers and prospect customers about your ecommerce store. 1 out of every 5 minutes spent online a smartphone is spent on social media. Therefore it is essential to leverage the popularity of social media to capture the attention of digital audiences and expand your clientele. A creative and innovative social media approach can help you promote your ecommerce website and boost digital engagement on social media. Using vibrant images and engaging videos can spark a conversation and capture user attention.


Leverage influencer marketing to build trust and credibility


Influencer marketing is a great way to help you reach and influence new audiences. Apart from having a large social media following, influencers are well respected people in the industry and have great communication and excellent relationship skills. Partnering with them to distribute the content you are creating can help increase brand awareness and boost your marketing ROI. Depending on your industry, products and services, you can choose an appropriate person or influencer who can help you build trust and credibility with influencer marketing.


Optimize your site to drive organic traffic


Whether you are a bigger ecommerce company or a smaller online business owner, search engine optimization (SEO) is an inevitable component in the entire marketing strategy. It not just helps the website to rank for the most searched keywords generates long term success. It is a highly effective process that can provide you the highest ROI out of any other ecommerce marketing campaign.

Spend time researching how your target audience talks about your products and how do they search you online and accordingly select the keywords. Pay attention both to on-page and off page optimization for the best seo results and greater visibility.


Create interesting and engaging content


Creating great content for people looking to buy your products can boost your ecommerce brand. Whether you choose to put up a company blog, product descriptions or social media updates, content created or produced should provide helpful information that positions your brand as an industry leader in your vertical. If you are able to provide helpful and unique information that solves the pain point of your customers, you can attract traffic, links and conversions effortlessly.


Utilize PPC advertising and social media advertising


Using Google Ads or PPC advertising gives you an opportunity to show up first in search engine results pages. The best part about PPC is that it allows you to measure the results of the campaigns by comparing the budget spent to the amount of traffic and sales generated by the ad. Create effective and compelling PPC ads to make sure your target audiences notice your message. Apart from including google ads in your strategy, also include social media advertising in your paid ads strategy and choose the most relevant platform where your audience is spending the most time.


Every ecommerce store owner aims to increase traffic and conversions. But it can be challenging to stand out in such a tough competition. Choose the most effective marketing tactics and create compelling ad and marketing copies to promote your ecommerce website. Also leverage social media channels properly to effectively connect and engage with your target consumers.