In today’s fast paced world where internet users want to perform online actions such as shopping, booking movie tickets, ordering groceries, in the quickest manner possible, there is no better place to be than mobile apps. Right from entertainment and movie streaming apps to super fun game apps and shopping apps, billions of mobile apps are downloaded each year and the app market is constantly growing. As mobile app development continues to emerge as one of the most promising industries, the competition for the user’s attention has gotten very fierce. To make your app stand out from the crowd, you need to market your app to the target audience in a super creative and innovative manner. Focus on developing a solid mobile app promotion strategy to make the most out of the mobile app boom.


Below are some easy and surefire ways to promote your app and reach your target audience.


1. Optimize your app for the app store


There are more than a million apps in the google play store and apple’s app store. Hence you must ensure that their app is easily discoverable when customers are looking for similar products and services as yours. For this optimize your app for the app store to get your app noticed. Pick the right app name, use keywords wisely while writing app descriptions, describe your app properly and prepare high quality app screenshots or videos.

App Store Optimization (ASO) factors to pay attention:

  1. App name and title
  2. Keywords
  3. Description
  4. Subtitle
  5. Total number of downloads
  6. Ratings and reviews

2. Ask customers for reviews


A large number of customers rely on product reviews to inform their buying decisions. Positive app ratings and reviews posted by your customers can drive purchasing decisions and have a direct impact on the sales. Besides this, positive reviews can enhance your credibility and position in search results. So always ask your users to leave an app review on Google Play or on the App Store. Instead of asking for feedback in a conventional manner, try new, creative and innovative ways to capture their attention. Ask for reviews within the app but without annoying the customers.


3. Create a landing page


Mobile app landing pages are a top trend in mobile app marketing. It is the page where the consumer first lands on when he/she clicks on your app. Landing pages give you a chance to begin interacting with users and introduce your products and services in an engaging manner. Unlike homepages which usually have lots of different options, landing pages are a better way to communicate the benefits associated with your app. They provide the exact information that your potential user needs and also allow you to address any questions that your target users might have via live chat. Due to all this, landing pages are much more efficient for mobile app marketing. So create a thoughtful landing page design that tells your app’s story in a compelling manner. Creating a landing page will also make your app discoverable by search engines and allow your business to find leads. 


4. Take advantage of social media


This generation is so addicted to social media. People all over the world like to spend a significant amount of time on social media channels. And thus promoting your app on social media can be really helpful because social media is highly influential. Select the right channels where your target audience is most active to create the buzz quickly. Share updates about your products and services, interesting deals and discounts, among other useful content related to your app on social media and gain more users.


5. Create unique content


Create unique and engaging content related to your mobile app and publish it on your blog and other online platforms where your target audience spends time. Once published, promote that content using organic and paid methods to get more downloads for your app. If you do not have a large budge to dedicate to marketing, writing great content is a very cost effective approach and can solve all your problems. Give your target customers relevant content to solve their pain points and this can help you bring more traffic to your website as well as build brand awareness and credibility.


6. Create a video intro to your app


Using video marketing in the right manner can help you get your message across about your app and gain some traction. By posting creative videos, you can share what’s unique about your app in a very short amount of time. Curate engaging and relevant video content to get potential customers excited about your application and drive them to download your app.


7. Create an email signature


Emails is still the most common form of communication with more than 2.5 billion email users worldwide. Hence you should not miss the opportunity to include a link to your app in your email signature. Add an image link to your email signature to maximize your app’s visibility and increase the chances of the email user downloading the app. This will not just help you reach a large number of customers and contacts but will promote your mobile app in a positive and professional manner.


8. Attend online meetups and webinars and clearly define the problem your app solves


Discover online events, meet ups and webinars that relate to your business niche and try introducing your app there in a sophisticated manner. Focus on sharing the important details of your mobile app such as its USP, benefits and the problem and pain points your app solves. You can either become a speaker and engage with potential customers or simply participate and introduce your app whenever possible during the event.