Search Engine Marketing is inevitable in today’s digital world to reach out to the right target audience. With so many tools out there, it becomes all the more tricky to choose the right one for maximum results with minimum input. For every digital marketer, the apple of the eye remains SEO and PPC. But the hard time comes when you have to choose one.

Through our best research, we bring to you the ultimate comparison between SEO and PPC to settle the debate once and for all.

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Search

Position in search results 

Traffic coming from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is free but for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) there is a cost involved. Where exactly your ad appears depends on a number of factors like keywords you are targeting, keywords in your landing page and the position of each keyword included in your ad copy, which further depends on your bid for that keyword. Organic results will always appear in the middle of the page and the ads will either appear on the top or below the organic results. Better targeting and higher cost pay can make Paid Search appear on the top rather than the bottom.


Though SEO is free but there is a huge amount of effort that goes into effective execution. Many digital marketers thus hire SEO experts for the best SEO outcomes. For every keyword, there is high competition and having a quality website makes a lot of difference. PPC, on the other hand, comes with a cost and other factors to make the whole exercise successful. Depending on the popularity of keyword you want to use, the position you want for your ad etc the cost is calculated. Be careful when running a PPC ad else your PPC budget can disappear very fast. 


Be it SEO or PPC, the ultimate goal is to get more traffic. SEO has a proven track record of helping websites get more traffic because if your page comes in the top results, one can expect 24*7 traffic without having to pay anything. However, if it is not possible to come in top searches using PPC as an option as PPC is a paid route. With the right strategy and bidding, PPC can help generate more traffic but that also means more cost. Having an estimate of the trade-off here can help in choosing the right approach.


PPC allows the visitors to land on the exact page that coincides with the keyword. In SEO, the user can be subjected to multiple search results as sometimes even those keywords can rank which were not initially intended. So while looking for a specific product, the visitor may end up landing on a different product page or content which he may not be exactly looking for. Ads that are highly targeted and optimized are more likely to convert the visitor for purchase. Successful PPC campaigns have often shown that only visitors with 100 percent interest in your products have clicked the ad. Thus, PPC gives more sales conversion while SEO remains the king of other forms of traffic.


PPC or SEO, none of them are easy to use without proper knowledge and experience. Choosing the right keywords and bidding methods, timely optimization, proper ad management, improved customer experiences, cost calculation and many other variables are involved to make a PPC ad successful. Without understanding the dynamics of PPC, one can lose a lot of money and still have no result. The same applies to SEO as efforts can go in vain without proper strategizing.

The bottom line remains- both SEO and PPC are an important part of Online Marketing Campaigns. SEO can be leveraged when facing budget constraints while PPC gives higher sales conversion with high input cost.