SEO Search Engine Optimisation – has long been an effective website traffic generating tool. SEO is nothing but the algorithmic increase in the number of visitors to your website through search engine results. Websites that appear on the first few pages of Google receive more than 95% of clicks, which simply means a lot of traffic. SEO plays a crucial role in deciding the turnover of your website as it increases the reach of your content. The importance of SEO services cannot be overlooked even if you are providing top-class content on your website. But the question that bothers people is, ”Would SEO be relevant even after the next 10 years?”, “If yes, then what would be the future of SEO?”

Now predicting the future is not in our hands but we can somewhat, factually, guess what it might be like in the coming years. Rather than talking about the future of SEO, let’s discuss the facts which will influence SEO in the coming days, deciding its fate.


It’s all about the algorithms


SEO is all about the algorithms that the search engines workaround. Google, the largest search engine, has been bringing changes in its algorithms for some time now. As SEO is based completely upon these algorithms, a revamp of the algorithms will mess up the way SEO works. Taking an example of Instagram and hashtags, the changes brought in recent times have totally changed the way hashtags used to work on the platform, leaving them near useless in recent times.


Are you quick enough?


With the large scale development in the field of internet technologies, the network speeds are surpassing limits like never before. The users experiencing such network speeds also expect the content to be fast enough. SEO alone cannot help your website if it keeps loading at a snail’s pace. The users want the content to be available at a click, and they will leave your website if it’s not quick enough. Even professional SEO services won’t get you any good results if you don’t speed up your website.


AI is the future


More than one-third of the internet users take the help of AI engines like Alexa and Siri to do their internet searches. With AI getting more popular every passing day, the number of these searches is just going to increase. If your content is not optimised for such devices, then it might be left behind in the AI era. Optimisation for such devices is best done by making your content in a question and answer format rather than simple and flat. A professional SEO agency would know how to supercharge your SEO strategies with AI.


Users can’t get enough of videos – In today’s era, a brand’s marketing strategy needs to learn more on videos as internet users just can’t get enough of videos. With the immense capability to engage and stay at the top of the user’s mind, video marketing has taken the digital media world by storm. Video searches have been snowballing; and we can confidently say that videos are the future of SEO, becoming even more prevalent social media. Time spent watching videos on home television and social media is increasing year over year and video traffic alone is expected to take up 80% of all Internet traffic.


The conclusion is simple! The world loves video content. A professional SEO agency recommends that brands should create more video marketing content which resonates with the audiences.


SEO has and even in the future might be an important tool for website traffic generation, but it’s ability might be greatly influenced by the way you create your content. To ensure good traffic today, and even in the future, you must make sure that your content is the best thing on the internet related to that topic. Keeping pace with the changing trends of the internet world and incorporating the relevant factors in your content will help you go a long way.