To stay ahead in the digital world, it is essential to stay up to date with the changing marketing landscape. AI has immensely transformed the way we are interacting with online content. This has brought about massive developments in the way we work with SEO. But what can one do to keep up in the race? Here are the top SEO trends for 2019 to follow and curate a perfect digital marketing strategy.


Relying on keywords is not enough


Keyword stuffing and targeting that once used to be a major driver of traffic growth goals is no longer the only thing that makes your SEO strategy. One of the greatest changes in SEO is — Keywords becoming less important. So if you think that despite using catchy keyword infused content, those pages still aren’t ranking well, it’s time to incorporate the latest elements to make things truly work. Crafting great content is long enough as intent-based search optimization will change the way search engines show results. The results will appear based on user’s interests and search history.


Video content optimization


Research reveals that 87% of online searches prefer video content as it is more engaging and easier to understand. To make sure your audience connects with the video content well, one must define the message clearly. Understanding the intent of the message to be delivered is essential. Furthermore, in order to optimize the video content, few factors to be kept in mind include choosing the right and multiple platforms as per the audience’s preferences. Inserting Video Transcripts with keywords also gives better results.


Voice search


Alexa has hit new records by selling more than 20 million products. This is just the tip of the iceberg but sufficient evidence that voice search is going to be the future. SEO experts are now moving towards making themselves adaptive to voice search for staying in the competition. As per Google data, 72 percent of people who own voice-activated speaker swear that voice search is part of their daily routine. Another data suggests that by 2020, 50 percent of the searches will be voice search.


Mobile-friendly websites


With smartphones in hand, people are clearly more comfortable making their buying choices on the go. Surpassing the desktop age, 67 percent of users are more convinced to buy a product or service if it is easily accessible on their mobile phones. Around 61 percent move to another site if the former is not supported smoothly on the mobile phone. Making your website mobile-friendly certainly translates into more sales and better retention of your customers. Factors that affect mobile experience include load time, image quality, and page speed amongst others.


Long format content


Google loves long content. In order to get a higher search ranking, a long format content is a must. But what digital marketers often fail to understand is that just long content doesn’t produce results. It is not only the number of words that matter but also relevant keywords are essential. Well written content in long format with keywords has a greater probability for earning quality backlinks thus significantly improving search rankings. The reason behind this is simple- the usefulness of the content is directly proportional to its shareability.


Presence on social media


In 2019, SEO will lay more focus on generating content that satiates the search intent. This way, the content will focus more on creating the value for the customer and not just ranking on the search engine. For making the content reach user more efficiently, social media will be the raging platform. To give information in a concise form that causes action and gets the customer to enter into the buying journey without any hindrance, social media channels will be an essential tool.

Now you have it all, the major changes that are going to take place in the SEO world. Making the internet more user-friendly than before, the consumer experience is sure to be transformed. Get in touch with Marketify, the team of digital marketers and reach your targeted customers easily.