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Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-effective & well-known digital marketing technique to generate new leads, drive growth & boost sales for the business by ranking on the first page of Google. SEO experts at Marketify, the best SEO agency Newcastle, can confidently deliver reliable, data-driven & white-hat SEO services to various industries like medial, allied health, e-commerce, non-profit organisations, real estate agencies and all other types of local businesses.

First Page of Google. Organic Traffic. More Customers

Do you know that 82% of the customers begin a buying journey with online research? That is how important and trustworthy search engine results have become. Every business is looking for new customers to grow and sustain on a monthly basis. Hence it is no brainer to be visible on search engines to drive a steady stream of new customers. Search engine leader Google itself insists that SEO should be a primary building block in your marketing strategy and to devise a stellar SEO strategy that impresses Google, choose Marketify, your very own expert SEO company Newcastle. We at Marketify use proven techniques to achieve SEO results that others just talk about - First Page Ranking, Revenue Growth and Consistency.


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Benefits of SEO

SEO has been the go to digital marketing tool for most digital marketers across the globe. SEO drives organic traffic, attract new customers, soar monthly revenues and attain a long term growth for the businesses. SEO experts at Marketify follow a comprehensive and customised SEO campaign that has a ton of benefits for your brand.

SEO is a process to optimise your website content to make it search engine friendly. Strategic positioning of keywords, images, on page off page optimization and providing relevant content is how Google will fall in love with your website. Marketify always has the right set of strategies to gain the trust of search engines for your brand.
Everyone is aware of the impact Google has on everyday consumers. By optimizing the brand website as per Google guidelines will achieve increased exposure for the business. SEO services specifically designed and crafted for your niche would make it possible to grab millions of eyeballs across the globe or just the local area the business is focussed on.
Now that your audience sees you, how can a top SEO company help them choose you over your competitors? By making your content useful, desirable, accessible and credible. Our SEO techniques not just ensure page #1 ranking for your brand but go a step further and attain credibility through quality content. This ensures that quality organic traffic is generated for your website consistently.
We all like to see our business prosper and achieve greater heights on a regular basis. This eventually leads to exponential revenue, burst in brand awareness and brand loyalty. Marketify assures to expand your revenue by adopting strategic practices and smart SEO. As the top SEO agency Newcastle, we craft a superior SEO strategy to rank you higher, make you visible and available to the right audience and encourage the right conversation.
For a brand to have a credible presence on the digital platform, they need to be good at what they do, constantly. When it comes to SEO, we promise to adopt the most effective methods to establish your brand presence. Our 3-fold SEO strategy includes - organic traffic, quality leads and valuable engagement.
There are thousands of new businesses popping up every day and everyone is trying to grab consumers eyeballs. The competition is intense out there and you need to hire nothing but the best SEO agency Newcastle if you want to be the first choice for your consumers. Marketify takes SEO services beyond the usual page #1 ranking tricks and helps your brand to gain ground. With us the game is not about surviving, it’s about thriving and dominating! To do so, we don’t just bank on the best SEO practices, but tailor made it to specifically fit your industry. We undertake detailed competitive analysis and keyword research of top competitors in order to devise a winning SEO strategy to outplay the competitors. Our customised SEO services truly make you feel like a leader!

SEO services Newcastle adopts customised & proven techniques

Marketify, the top SEO Agency Newcastle, has successfully achieved many SEO milestones by adopting a comprehensive SEO strategy in a systematic and scientific manner. We are not the one for the shortcuts, we believe in the marathon.

At Marketify, it is imperative for us to understand your industry and specifically your business & its processes. We schedule a quick 30 min discussion around where the business is and where you would like to see in 12 months. This provides us with clear thinking to establish specific, time-bound, measurable goals in order to direct the SEO efforts in the right direction.
The second step of the process is to understand how business is doing currently performing with regards to SEO, website, user experience, user interface, link building and website content. We provide a detailed report on all the above aspect and discuss the areas of improvements. It also helps in reassessing the SEO goals for the next 12 months.
One of the important aspects of SEO is to study your competition and how are they attracting the customers to their website. We provide a detailed analysis of the keywords, link building, current rankings, the content put up by your top 5 competitors. This helps us in establishing a unique value proposition for your business and highlight your strengths to stand out in the crowd.
Customers are typing in certain keywords or queries related to your industry and business in the search engines to find about various services on offer. This makes keyword analysis a key aspect in SEO as it provides us with keyword phrases your target customers are using to find out about those services. By using those keywords strategically in the website content will help the business reach its target customers effectively.
Content creators at Marketify develop valuable content which not only attracts a new audience but boost your ranking on Google search engines. Google loves the website which provides a ton of value to its customers on a regular basis via blogs, infographics, images, social proof and many more. We also optimize the web content for the business homepage and service page as per the keyword analysis and our target goals.
Once the content on the page is optimized, it’s time to perform the magic of On-page optimization. On-page optimization help search engines identify your business offering, target audience, services offered and much more. It involves meta tag description, header tags, page speed optimization, sitemap and much more.
This involves all the necessary measures taken outside the website to improve search engine rankings for the business website. It primarily involves building quality links knows as backlinks from well-known & trustworthy websites. It helps to bring traffic from third-party sources other than search engines like business listing, local citations, directories & guest posting.
Google analytics provide in-depth information on how the website is performing, type of audience visiting the website, website pages that are being visited most frequently, how long are the visitors staying on the website, bounce rate and much more. This helps in taking a future course of action. We keep a tab on website ranking and regular increase in organic traffic.
We provide you with monthly SEP report detailing the tasks that have been undertaken and also the progress of the website. We strongly believe in transparency and takes immense pride in sharing all the details, unlike other agencies. We not only share the report but also discuss it over the phone, face to face in order to make it more relatable and genuine.
SEO is an ongoing process. Once we get you on the top page of search engines, we need to maintain and hold onto the position for many more months. Also, we aim to rank higher for other related keywords that are being used by customers. We constantly refine the processes to derive the best out of the SEO services.

What type of SEO service is best for you?

SEO services have also evolved over the years along with search engines algorithms, online businesses, social media marketing and local businesses. It is important to select the right type of SEO service for your business. Failure to do so can lead to missed opportunity, poor SEO performance and waste of resources & money. SEO agency Newcastle has all the necessary expertise and experience to guide you through the selection process.

Comprehensive SEO includes both technical SEO and off-page SEO. This is the most foolproof SEO strategy for any business.
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO like on-page optimizations, image optimizations, schema markup
  • Building quality backlinks & backlink analysis
  • Content creation
  • SEO analytics & a lot more.
If you are a local business and wants to dominate in your region, Local SEO will help you achieve that. Local SEO involves
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Google My Business Page
  • Business listing
  • Local Citations set up and optimization
  • Localised content creation
A traditional SEO strategy may not work efficiently for an e-commerce website. If you want to reach millions of customers, you have to adopt E-commerce SEO strategy developed by Marketify.
  • Onpage SEO for product & category pages
  • Google Shopping
  • Keyword analysis for products
  • Technical SEO


It would be wrong on our part to offer a superficial price without analysing your website and market. What we can assure you is that we will offer the best package for your brand which our experts will customise for you. Give us a call to share some more information about your business and to discuss the SEO strategy that suits your budget the best.
We most certainly do. If you need SEO, we are here to stand by you, irrespective of your company’s size or budget. Let us get together and discuss how we can take your brand to every Australian without breaking the bank.
The time an SEO campaign would take to show results depends on - where you are presently ranked, what SEO you have adopted till now and how aggressive is your competition. Generally, a good website might take about 6 months to reach page #1 and a brand new business might require nearly a year to land at the top ranking. During this period, we ensure that your brand consistently grows in traffic and visibility.
Yes, we do. Marketify will leave no stone unturned to get the business on the first page of search engines. But our major focus is also to bring huge organic traffic towards your website, generate quality leads and enhance your revenue.
At Marketify, we ensure that your page #1 ranking is sustained even when the SEO campaign is ended. Thus, the SEO results are long-term but not permanent. Over a period though, your competitors might gain up on you and push you down the ladder. When that happens, we will be here to help you and guide you.
Yes, our dedicated and dynamic team of SEO experts will keep you updated about the progress of our SEO campaign. Periodical reports and insights will be shared with you. We will gladly address all your queries and concerns until you are satisfied.
We walk the talk in SEO! What other companies claim to do, Marketify practices and achieve. Over the years that we have operated in this market, we have strived to deliver only the most suitable and the best SEO practices. The game-changing results that we have obtained for our clients testify of our expertise. No matter how tough your competition might be, we assure you to make a difference with our proven SEO tactics. Let us talk more about how we can boost your business growth.

Merits of availing SEO Services

A well-designed SEO campaign will have many fold benefits -

  • Attain page #1 ranking
  • Boost organic traffic
  • Generate quality leads
  • Increased ROI
  • Results that are long lasting
  • A more cost-effective option that paid marketing

When you partner with a top SEO Company like Marketify, we adopt ethical practices to deliver the best results.