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Marketify is the top rated digital marketing agency based in Newcastle, Australia. We employ a 360-degree approach to digital marketing in order to boost sales and leads for Australian businesses. Our vision is to make local Australian businesses Digital Ready & Digitally Thriving.

We provide a full suite of digital marketing services that include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Services and Web Design and Development. At Marketify, we understand, conceptualise, strategize, design, develop and optimise each aspect of your business to the deliver best digital marketing success across the industry.

Grow your customer base

Local SEO, Ad-words & Social Media Marketing assist businesses to grow their customer base & reach

Marketifiers will research your industry to accurately identify your target audience. We choose and implement strategies to warm the identified audience towards your business. We help spread the reach of your business using SEO, Ad-words & Social media marketing. Your business and business needs are unique and so is the solution we provide- customised & personalised to both you and your customers.

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Boost your monthly sales

Pay-Per-Click, Facebook Campaigning & Organic search (SEO) assist businesses to boost their monthly sales.

We get it! Increasing the sales day after day and month after month is a top priority for every business owner. Marketify uses proven digital marketing strategies with PPC, Facebook campaigning, SEO and other specific channels to make a significant boost in your monthly sales. We understand that cash flow is the king and we make ROI our top priority.

Develop Raving Fans

Instagram marketing, Youtube marketing & Facebook marketing convert your loyal customers into raving fans.

As a small business owner, it’s the most wonderful feeling to have your customers turn into your fans! This is also a stage in the customer journey, where they become promoters for your business. Instagram, Youtube & Facebook are excellent platforms to connect with your customers beyond transactions. Digital marketing experts at Marketify comprehend the difference fans can make to the business and have the ‘know how’ to make it happen.

Be the Leader of your Industry

Content Marketing, Public Relations & SEO services would establish you as an authority within your industry.

Regardless of what Industry, Product and or Service, customers have instant trust in your business when you are leading the pack. Staying ahead of digital marketing game with Marketify as your digital marketing partners can make this look easy. Content marketing, Public Relations along with expertise in SEO can assist you in becoming an authority in your industry.

Rank on 1 st Page of Google

White-hat SEO services, Local SEO, Google Map Listing & Business Listings would help you to outrank your competitors.

Google is the main search engine that all of us have been on, that includes your customers. Ranking on the first page of Google can significantly increase the chances of your business to be found. It is also important to optimize for the local market. Marketify adopts ‘Think Global, Act Local’ ideology to the digital marketing arena. SEO, Local SEO, Google map listing & Business listings are the top few tools that would be implemented to achieve the goal.

Generate New Leads

Email Marketing, SEO services, Lead Magnet& Facebook Advertising has been proven to generate new leads.

Its all about the new customers! Acquiring new customers is getting harder and for some, it’s not fitting the budget. Digital marketing channels like Email Marketing, SEO, Facebook marketing and a few others can make generating leads easy and very cost effective. Experts in each of the areas required at Marketify will collaborate with your business to keep the leads coming!


Marketify provides full suite of digital marketing services including website design & development, seo services, social media marketing, Google ad-words, email marketing & content marketing in order to cater individual business needs. Every business is unique and requires a customised approach to digital marketing in order to maximise the return on investment (ROI). We have dedicated experts for each the services with years of experience to back their expertise.

SEO Services

Marketify offers all types of SEO services including Local SEO, Traditional SEO & Google Map listing services. We aim to rank your business on the 1st page of google by implementing white-hat SEO techniques. SEO is the number #1 cost-effective digital marketing technique as it provides business with long term organic traffic and new customer leads.

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Web Design & Development

A website is the digital persona of your business hence it is important that it resonates with your potential customers & exhibits appropriate brand message. We design & develop the website from scratch in order to provide positive user-experience, unique design & smooth user-interface. This allows you & your business to shine on the digital platform like none other.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an inexpensive method of digital marketing wherein you are reaching into your customers & inbox directly. Email Marketing is one of the oldest and refined tools in digital marketing toolkit. This gives you a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers based on where they are in the customer life-cycle journey. Email marketing has been used to send a monthly newsletter, company announcements, product & service launches and marketing campaigns to convert prospective leads into paying customers.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing enables businesses to provide value to their customers via blogs, videos or infographic which then establishes a business as a thought leader within their industry. Content writers at Marketify duly conduct complete research within your industry, come up with ideas for content, edit the content as per SEO guidelines and identify the brand voice that resonates with your customers. Content Marketing also helps in SEO which helps you rank on the first page of Google and drive a steady stream of organic traffic.

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PPC services

PPC services known as Google Ad-words bring instant traffic to your website instead of waiting months to get traffic through traditional SEO alone. Google Ad-words are displayed on the top section of search engine query which makes it easier for your potential customer to click on & access your service or products instantly.PPC experts at Marketify develop customised ad-word strategy, identify keywords, regulate daily budget, optimise ad copy & bid smartly to maximise your ROI. We also adopt different PPC ad formats based on your business and business needs.

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Social Media Marketing

In 2019, Social media marketing is at the helm of digital marketing that provides businesses with an opportunity to find and connect with potential customers directly to improve brand recognition & brand loyalty. This allows you to develop raving fans & obtain social proof to go viral. We assess your objectives and design the marketing campaigns to optimise your ad spend to get the maximum ROI. Facebook & Instagram are essential digital marketing platforms to generate new customer leads based on user interest, demographics. At Marketify, we make sure that you are ‘not leaving any monies on the table’ by retargeting via your social media platforms and other channels.

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There is no guesswork or theory, we implement the systems that are proven over time, specific to your industry and objectives. We adopt the strategies based on changes in rules and regulations of the digital world.
At Marketify, you partner with experts in the industry who will work with you on your business. All this at an affordable and customizable price.
We look at digital marketing needs and objectives of your business to develop a 360-degree strategy such that the result is maximized Return of your investment.
Numbers are numbers, numbers don’t lie! We have helped local businesses achieve their targets- be it increased brand awareness, increasing monthly sales or getting on the 1st page of Google- we have delivered.
We have a lot of activity in terms of new clients; however, we also pride in our existing clients choosing us as their digital marketing partners time and again- without any contractual obligation.
As a business, you want to be sure as to what you are investing in. At Marketify, you pay for what is a good match to your business and not for tools that your business may not need. It’s simple and effective.
We spend enough resources in understanding and assessing your business, business needs and its objectives before we work with you in designing your personalised strategy. We have some packages available if you already know what you want.
Digital Marketing can be daunting and can raise a lot of queries along the way. We are accessible to answer any query you may have. You shall receive as much and or as little information about ongoing campaigns for your business- weekly and or monthly reports are part of our standard offerings.


When products or services are marketed by using digital technologies, it is referred to as digital marketing. It is a new-age concept of advertising where internet, mobile, display advertising or any other digital medium contribute to the growth of the business. Digital marketing involves interactive ways of reaching out to potential customers.

Keeping in mind, the habits of modern consumers, it is easy to engage them through digital marketing. It plays a vital role in creating awareness among the audience about the services and business model of the companies. Social media has replaced word-of-mouth practice of marketing. It will be ideal to say that this form of marketing promotes business efficiently and effectively.

With the introduction of digital platforms, digital marketing is the best source to get in touch with your prospective customers. This modern form of marketing strategy can be executed by professional digital marketers. Here are some of the major benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in Newcastle:

  • It is possible to track information on traffic received on the website while analyzing the insights of customer preferences and activities.
  • Conversion rates get improved efficiently.
  • Digital marketing practices are cost-effective than traditional marketing.
  • Revenue growth and expectancy increase with digital marketing strategies.
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